tradition meets modernism.

It all started with enthusiasm for tradtional carpentering. After my education for mechanical engineering and studies for architecture, I was able to combine manual skills with the creative aspects of design. The result are extraordinary pieces of furniture that impress not only with their design language, but also with their function.My grandfather plays an important role in my career. As a former carpenter, he teaches me the important, traditional methods of the craft and accompanies me on my journey. At this point I would like to thank him so much for his support.

from sketch to reality

My passion is not just putting an idea on paper, but also implementing it in form and material. This process happens in the workshop, where each design comes to life. 

Austrian design with Italian influence.

A important companion on my way is an Italian friend. She not only helps me to bring my designs to perfection, she also gives each piece body and soul. Thats why most of my furnitures have Italian inspired names. This aspect makes all designs becoming something very special. 

Wood - The most unique material on our planet. 

"With my furniture I not just want to offer people an extraordinary design, but also convey a connection to the material wood, which plays a special role in today's world as a renewable raw material." 

Harmony of shape and material.

This process takes place in the workshop. Most of my designs need time to raise to a unique piece of furniture. I love to work with timber and try out its possibilities to make my sketches come true.  

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